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Disclaimer is an information-based website that contains articles and other materials developed by our own team of researchers and content developers. We have not used any copyright material and hence there is no violation of intellectual copyright to the best of our knowledge. If however any page of is found to be containing something that belongs rightfully to others, we are open to receive comments and take corrective measures.

We are not an agent, broker or company that deals in insurance products and services. We do not offer any kind of service and we are not a part of any organization that has anything to do in the insurance industry. The material contained in the various pages of is of informative value only and should not be seen as an endorsement to a particular brand or product.

The information we provide on this website is deemed to be true, but we do not owe any responsibility for any harm it might bring to the user. We take every possible effort and care to develop our content, but we cannot guarantee the correctness of the same. It would be highly appreciable if someone brings to our notice a piece of incorrect information running on our website.

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