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Fidelity Insurance Company

Fidelity Insurance Company offers its services and products at lower costs along with greater investment flexibility. The company is considered as one of the leading insurance companies in the world. The wiki states, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Holding Company Ltd. Fidelity Insurance Company Limited offers cost-effective insurance structures and strategies for individuals as well as business professionals. Its headquarters is in Anguilla. The address is:

Fidelity Insurance Company
The Law Building
P.O. Box 687, The Valley
Anguilla, British West Indies
Phone Number: 264-497-0484
Fax Number: 264-497-5753

Fidelity Insurance Company was formed initially to meet the needs of US taxpayers, offering tax reduction, asset protection and flexibility. This was through a wide range of investment options. The company's official website states that for its life insurance policies, Fidelity uses only the strongest and highest rated reinsurance companies in the world. It has offices in other countries such as Kenya and Lebanon.

Fidelity Insurance Company Careers

Fidelity Insurance Company Careers are high in demand as more and more people are interested in joining the organization. The company offers endless opportunities for career growth. Fidelity Insurance Company careers areas include:
  • Investment, Support & Trading
  • Client/Customer Service
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Business Analysis/Project Management
  • Corporate Services
  • Branch Offices
  • Product Development & Management
  • Marketing/Advertising/Media/Communication
  • Technology
Interested persons can search for Fidelity jobs on Apart from US that is local job opportunities, the company gives opportunities to work and build careers in its offices in Ireland, India and Canada. Fidelity Insurance Company has been receiving good rating for this.

Fidelity Insurance Company Southern Reviews

Fidelity Insurance Company Southern Reviews shows the response received from satisfied and grateful customers. Southern Fidelity Insurance Company has its headquarters in Tallahassee Florida. The company is managed by a team of professionals having in-depth experience in insurance policies. The products offered by the company are condominium owners, homeowners, dwelling fire and renters insurance. As a whole, Southern Fidelity Insurance Company is committed to providing an exceptional level of service.

Those interested in further information can have a look at the organization's official website.


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