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Genworth Capital

Genworth Capital was merged into Genworth Financial in 2003. Previously known as GE Life and Annuity Assurance Company, it became part of the Genworth Financial Group. The principal underwriter of Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Genworth Life & Annuity) is Capital Brokerage Corporation (dba Genworth Financial Brokerage Corporation in Indiana). Genworth Life & Annuity and Capital Brokerage Corporation are both members of Genworth Financial. The firms invest in the public equity, fixed income markets across the globe.

Their products are variable annuities which are long term investments designed for retirement purposes. Variable products are sold by product prospectus which describes investment objectives, risk factors, preservation fund, fees and chargers that may apply and expense, administrative chargers as well as surrender chargers. It also covers other features such as death benefit and annuitization options.

Genworth Capital Management

Genworth Capital Management is provided through Genworth Financial Wealth Management Inc. It is basically an investment management and consulting firm dedicated to assisting advisors build great businesses.
The organization provides comprehensive fee based investment management platforms in the industry as well as client relationship management tools as well as practice management programs. Genworth Financial Wealth Management has over 6000 advisor relationships with over $20 billion in assets in its platform. Besides this, it looks at custodial services, client relationship management, investment management, and practice management. It has also been highlighted that the company waivers to continue writing new businesses despite surpassing the risk to ratio.

Genworth Capital Highfields

Genworth Capital Highfields recently opened up a new 5.6 per cent stake worth $184.25 million in Genworth Financial Inc. It is headed by co-founders Jonathan Jacobson and Richard Grubman. Founded in 1998, Highfields Capital is a value oriented investment management firm which manages private investment funds for endowments, charitable and philanthropic foundations, pension funds as well as other institutional and private investors. It has been highlighted that its funds have over $10 billion in net capital invested worldwide.

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