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GMAC Mortgage

GMAC Mortgage LLC is available at affordable rates and costs for its customers and clients. The company offers this through its Purchase Power Mortgage Package. With this, customers get access to great rates, close on time guarantee and accelerated payoff program. Customers get to save with the following:
  • No underwriting fee
  • No application fee
  • No fee for lender title policy
  • No appraisal fee
  • No document signing fees
  • No credit report fee
  • No document prep fee
There is also no recording fee, no loan origination fee as well as no settlement or closing fee. With the Purchase Power Mortgage Package, customers get access to everyday low rates that can help lower their mortgage payment.
There is accelerated payoff program whereby customers get to save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of their loan when the set up weekly or bi-weekly payments with GMAC's accelerated payoff program and reduce their mortgage by nearly five years. Overall, GMAC Mortgage offers access to low competitive rates as well as access to variety of programs that is fixed, variable, FHA/VA, jumbo and etc. Apart from mortgage, the organization also offers excellent jobs and careers to interested persons. There are jobs openings for persons in their customer service team, for underwriters, financial officers, loans specialist and administrators etc.

GMAC Mortgage Rates

GMAC Mortgage Rates can be accessed online at It should be noted that the rates undergo some modification time to time. Interested persons can also talk to a loan specialist on 1-877-941-4622. Loan can be requested for online via

GMAC Mortgage Calculator

GMAC Mortgage Calculator assists in calculating the rates and approximate term for the loans or year term. There are several types of calculators namely monthly payment calculator, principal & interest payment calculator, and adjustable rate mortgage calculator. There are also refinance calculators such as refinance breakeven calculator and home equity calculator. All these can be accessed at The calculators are provided only as tools to help interested persons and customers plan and prepare for buying or refinancing a home.

GMAC Mortgage Refinance

GMAC Mortgage Refinance makes it easy for its customers. GMAC offers refinance mortgage programs namely fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, FHA loans, VA loans, jumbo loans and home affordable refinance program. The rates are very much reasonable and can be accessed at GMAC agrees that refinancing a home is a big decision and helps its customers and clients in doing so.

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