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Home Insurance

Home Insurance is a multiple-line insurance form that provides coverage for property damage, content loss and liability arising out of an identified peril. Also known as hazard insurance or homeowner’s insurance, it is often a requirement to qualify for a home mortgage program at a lender. The lender is also a party to the contract and the policy holder may need to contact a relevant department of the finance company to get their claim check endorsed before they can use the proceeds in building repair work.

A typical home insurance policy provides property as well as liability coverage, without requiring you to pay separate premiums for each of them. The liability part of the coverage is a great assistance when somebody who got injured while on your property sues you in a court of law.

In United States, standardized homeowners insurance forms are used to apply for different types of home insurance policies. These may include Basic (HO1), Broad (HO2), Special (HO3), Renter (HO4), Premier (HO5), Condominium (HO6) and Older Houses (HO8). Moreover, property coverages have been classified into five categories that include Dwelling, Other Structures, Personal Property, Additional Living Expenses and Additional Coverages.

Home Insurance Quotes

Home Insurance Quotes are available online for the state of your domicile. It is often difficult to find low quotes for an area that falls in a hazard or flood zone. For example, the property owners living near the coastal areas in Florida often have tough time in getting a good home insurance quote.

Companies in Florida are reluctant to provide coverage to areas that are prone to be hit by flood, earthquakes, hurricanes and fire. It is necessary to get protection against all possible perils. You must check the contract for the inclusion of all possible hazards before signing it. The peace of mind you would get will certainly have more value than the cost of a high-rate insurance product.

Home Insurance Companies

You will not find many privately-owned home insurance companies serving in areas frequently hit by flood, earthquake, windstorm, hurricane and other natural disaster. The protection is, however, provided by some government-funded national agencies and local companies. There can also be found specialized programs, such as home insurance for rental property, veterans, vacant homes, older homes, mobile homes, dog owners, townhouse, dummies and manufactured homes.

Moreover, one can find online resources, such as estimate calculator and premium calculator, and also a list of agents and brokers providing services near them. Some of the well-know home insurance companies include the names of GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive, Allstate and State Farm. Browse to find company ratings and get reviews on each of these home insurance companies.

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