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Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies offer products and services to provide adequate coverage for death or property loss. There are basically two types of insurers – one who specializes in products that can provide compensation for the loss of a human life and the other who offer an array of plans to protect the financial interest involving a non-living object. In technical jargon, these two forms of coverage are referred to as life and non-life insurance. The latter is also known as general insurance in common parlance.

In United States, one can find a number of insurance companies providing life and non-life plans in states like NJ, Michigan, Texas, CT, Florida, California and PA. A few of them are large enough by size and market share to have presence in almost all US States. Others are smaller entities with services accessible primarily within their respective jurisdiction areas. Insurance companies can further be classified into mutually-owned, publicly owned and the one that have characteristics of the both.

There are reinsurance companies that sell policies to other companies and spread risks to a larger network. Captive insurance companies are formed to cover financial risks of their parent groups. There are also a large number of independent insurance agents, brokers and consultants who help customers shop for the best deal across all available brands and their coverage plans within a jurisdiction.

Insurance Companies Ratings

Insurance companies are usually categorized according to the kind of products they are selling to the consumers. For example, there are carriers that have specialization in providing coverage for death and medical expenses, regular health checkup and dental care, liabilities arising out of a road accident involving a vehicle, damages to home and household objects in the event of fire, flood, theft or earthquake, and more.

Amidst the myriad of coverage plans offered by numerous service providers, it is often difficult to find the one that is best for you. Insurance companies ratings conducted by several third-party organizations and made available online through websites like ours may help you select an ideal carrier for your coverage requirements. The ratings offered by research organizations like A.M. Best are considered a standard in the industry as these are based on comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company’s performance.

Browse our website for more on Insurance companies, chiefly those operating in the United States. Some of the leading names in the industry include Allstate, MetLife, Progressive, Aetna, State Farm, Nationwide and GEICO. Moreover, we have also developed informative articles covering issues like health care reform, genetic testing and pre existing conditions. Also find list of insurance carriers by state, revenue and assets and get information on companies denying claims or dropping children. Furthermore, we have also provided details on Insurance companies for sale, business, cars, churches, non profits, restaurants, independent agents and military.

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