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John Hancock Life Insurance Company

John Hancock Life Insurance Company provides a broad portfolio of innovative insurance products. This is made up of universal, variable, whole and term life insurance designed to provide estate, business and retirement solutions. John Hancock Insurance known as John Hancock Financial was named in the honor of a prominent patriot, John Hancock. The company was taken over by a Canadian Insurance Company, Manulife Financial. It was announced in 2003, that Manulife Financial Corp was acquiring John Hancock Financial Services for $10.4 billion. With its headquarters in Boston MA, the company provides annuities, 401K, life insurance, long-term care, mutual funds and fixed products. The Wiki further states in 2000, the company demutualized, meaning that John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company formally ceased to exist, and a new company named John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. came into existence. In addition to offering financial solutions, John Hancock is a vibrant organization that also focuses on making a difference - in its community, in the lives of its employees, and for the environment.

John Hancock Life Insurance Company Ratings

John Hancock Life Insurance Company Ratings say a lot about the financial strength.
The financial ratings by A.M Best is A (this is second highest of 15 ratings) superior ability to meet ongoing obligations; Fitch Ratings of AA- (fourth highest of 21 ratings) very strong capacity to meet policy holder and contract obligations; Standard & Poor's AA- (fourth highest of 21 ratings) very strong financial security characteristics; Moody's A1 (fifth highest of 21 ratings) good financial security. John Hancock's credentials include our demonstrated financial strength. The USA based company is among the highest-rated companies for financial strength and stability, as judged by the major rating agencies. The John Hancock Financial Strength fact sheet can be accessed on

John Hancock Life Insurance Company U.S.A Address

John Hancock Life Insurance Company U.S.A Address of its headquarters is:

John Hancock Corporate Office Headquarters
601 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
Toll Free: 800-225-5291
Phone Number: 1-617-663-3000
Fax: 617-572-6015

There is a John Hancock Insurance Company of New York which offers flexible solutions, finely crafted products that can be tailored to meet the policy holder's needs. Its products and services are delivered through highly focused professional service. The company offers careers and job opportunities to people interested in joining the insurance sector. The contact of John Hancock New York corporate office is 877-391-3748.

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