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Pacific Life Annuities

Pacific Life Annuities offers both Fixed and Variable products to its clients and customers throughout the United States. The company describes annuities as products designed to be both a savings vehicle and a source of retirement income. Pacific Life Annuities offers a number of choices to its clients to protect and grow their income. This information can be accessed by login in on It further states an annuity to be a contract between the client or customer and an insurance company whereby money is put into the contract and in return a lifetime income stream is provided. Basically, the annuity assists in:
  • Providing monthly income that can be guaranteed to last for as long as the client or customer lives
  • Help the individuals accumulate money for retirement through tax deferral
Pacific Life Annuities guarantees interest rates and subsequent income payouts which are backed by the claims paying ability of the issuing company. Moreover, the company describes annuities as a personal retirement strategy. This helps money grow and makes it last longer.

Pacific Life Annuities Forms

Pacific Life Annuities Forms are available online on the company's authentic website The forms listed on its website can be used for a variety of contract related activities such as withdrawals, fund transfers and beneficiary changes. Some of the forms available are:
  • Request for Tax ID Number
  • Disability Certification
  • Annuity Contract Change Request
  • Simple IRA Employer Information
  • Transfer/Exchange
  • Tax-Sheltered Annuity Certification
  • Qualified Plan and 457(b) Plan Disclosure
You can also find here forms such as Transfers and Allocations, Withdrawal Request for Fixed Annuities as well as Withholding Certification for Pension or Annuity Payments. If you are seeking for more information about the forms, you can contact the customer service and financial professional on 1-800-722-4448.

Pacific Life Annuities My Account

Pacific Life Annuities My Account allows clients and customers to login into their accounts. Through My Account, customers can get quotes and check the status of their policies and payment. They can also find details on the types of annuities such as variable annuities, qualified plans & IRAs and portfolio optimization. There is also agent login. This can be accessed at

Overall, Pacific Life Insurance Company has been receiving overwhelming ratings and reviews from its satisfied clients and customers. The company's address is:

Pacific Life Insurance Company
700 Newport Center Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone Number: (949) 219-3011

Pacific Life Corp is ranked as one of USA's leading financial and insurance operations with over $96 billion in assets with over $5 billion in policyholder equity. Apart from annuities, Pacific Life also sells mutual funds and life insurance.


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