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Privacy Policy caters to the informational requirements of the people seeking a health, car, vehicle, home, medical, life or any other kind of insurance product. The website consists chiefly of pages that contain articles in plain English and a few links to some online resources. All pages are accessible to all users and there is no login requirement. We never ask you to enter details of your personal identity, phone number, address, Social Security Number or email information.

Nevertheless, we are committed to honor your rights to privacy as long as you are on the website. The various pages of our website contain advertisements supplied to us by third-party advertising companies. The information about your visit to this site, which does not include personal information like your name, residential or official address, phone number, SSN and email ID, may be used by these companies to streamline their promotional campaign in future. While allowing them to do so we will make it sure that the information is not used in a way that is considered infringement to the rights to privacy.

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