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The Standard Insurance Company

The Standard Insurance Company is the subsidiary of StanCorp Financial Group INC with is headquarters in Portland Oregon. Its address is:

The Standard Insurance Company
1100 SW Sixth Ave
Portland OR 97204
Phone Number: 800-378-5742/971-321-8844
Fax Number: 971-321-5890

The group through its subsidiaries marketed as The Standard - Standard Insurance Company, The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York, Standard Retirement Services, StanCorp Mortgage Investors, StanCorp Investment Advisers, StanCorp Equities, StanCorp Real Estate and StanCorp Trust Company - is a leading provider of financial products and services. Founded in 1906, Standard Insurance Company is stated to be covering 8.5 million people in the US through and out of above 30000 employers with group and individual disability insurance, short term disability, group life, AD&D and dental insurance, retirement plans, products and services, individual annuities.
As highlighted in the Wikipedia, the company is licensed in 49 states and Washington DC. It operates in New York as Standard Life Insurance Company of New York. Standard Insurance Company is the largest non-government employer downtown. It is also one of the top corporate donors to local non-profits serving those in need and organizations working in the arts and education. Overall, the organization has received great ratings and reviews from AM. Best Rating.

The Standard Insurance Company Jobs

The Standard Insurance Company Jobs offer excellent careers and career opportunities to people interested in the insurance and finance sector. It has been stated on!ut/p/c0/04_
SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3jvgGBzN29zY0MDLyNTAyM_YyMXF1c3g1AnM_2CbEdFADCGeBQ!/ that the diverse nature of the Standard Insurance's business offers a strong career path with a wide range of attractive options starting with entry level positions and extending to opportunities at the executive level. There are jobs available in the company’s offices in Texas, Florida, Oregon, Mississippi, San Diego, California and New York. Jobs exists in the paths of
  • Underwriting
  • Communications
  • Customer Care
  • Investments/Asset Management
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Retirement Plans Administration
There are also openings in Information Technology, Interactive Services, Actuarial, Claims Administration and Marketing. You can also access job openings on

The Standard Insurance Company Forms

The Standard Insurance Company Forms can be retrieved from
WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/en_SIC_public/home/homecontent/forms_individuals. Here people can access all sorts of forms from Annuities to Dental to Group Disability Forms. Some of the examples of forms which are accessible are VSP Vision out of Network Claim, Waiver of Premium Claim Packet, New Jersey State Disability Claim Packet, Request for Account Reallocation, and Authorization of EFT of Payments. You can also get the medical history statement in regards to disability.

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