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Travelers Insurance Company

Travelers Insurance Company, a symbol of financial strength is considered as the largest American insurance company by market value. The company has offices throughout the states of US as well as in overseas countries such as Ireland, Singapore, Canada and China. Travelers Insurance Company's history dates to more than 140-years-ago in Hartford Ct. It had the first automobile policy, first commercial airline policy and first policy for space travel. The company went through a number of merger ships such as with Citicorp. The company was renamed as St. Paul Travelers in 2004 and also changed its corporate name to The Travelers Companies. It has also been highlighted that Travelers Insurance Company is currently positioned 106 on the Fortune 500.

Overall, it can be stated that the company provides all the insurance covers that individuals, businesses and organizations are looking for. Travelers Insurance services are highly regarded for its promptness, handling of claims and excellent customer service. This can be interpreted from the reviews and rating left by satisfied customers on the company's website as well as on other insurance forums on the internet.

Travelers Insurance Company Careers

Travelers Insurance Company Careers opportunities are available in its US offices as along with its overseas branches. Just recently, the organization launched its careers social media sites to connect and interact with the people. You can find the company's pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are job openings and careers for students, recent graduates and experienced professionals. Travelers Insurance Company has a job search tool on its website
Once you are on this page, you can take advantage of the options of career directions, search current opportunities, students and new grads: how to apply and featured jobs. There are also links for experienced professionals and new hires etc. You will also find here the organization's profile, AM best rating and code.

Besides this, the company provides interview tips, career directions and resume preparation guidelines.

Travelers Insurance Company Locations

Travelers Insurance Company Locations are in a number of states in the United States of America as well as in overseas countries. The company is also known as The Travelers Companies, Inc. Its address is:

The Travelers Companies, Inc
485 Lexington Ave
New York, NY
United States
Phone Number: 917-778-6000
Toll Free Number: 800-328-2189

The organization's insurance operations headquarters is located in St Paul, Minnesota, and Hartford Ct. Travelers Insurance Company also has locations in United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, Canada and China.

Those seeking more information can login on the company's official website given below.


Travelers Insurance Company
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