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Travelers Liability

Travelers Liability is offered through auto insurance coverage by the Travelers Insurance Company. Liability is basically a part of the general insurance system of menace financing to cover the insured from the risks of liabilities enforced by lawsuits. In other words, liability covers the insured in the event of being sued for claims that come within the coverage of the insurance policy. Each state has a different liability requirement and coverage. The organization's umbrella insurance gives an extra layer of liability coverage. This is underwritten by The Travelers Indemnity Company.

Travelers Liability for its clients covers damage to other vehicles, to others property for example buildings and walls, as well as claims for medical expenses, pain/suffering and lost wages.

Travelers Liability Insurance Business

Travelers Liability Insurance Business is covered under management professional liability. This is for professionals with the likes of legal, accounting and real estate. It also comes under the miscellaneous professional liability. Basically, this covers errors and omissions (E&O) for a range of professional service providers.
The insurance policy features:
  • Extended reporting period
  • Optional coverage for independent and sub-contractors
  • Pay on behalf of wording
  • Defense coverage for disciplinary proceeding up to a $10,000 policy
  • Severability of exclusions
  • Automatic coverage for new subsidiaries with revenue up to 25 per cent of insured's revenues
  • Defense coverage for allegations of intentional, dishonest or fraudulent acts.

Travelers Liability Insurance Quote

Travelers Liability Insurance Quote can be accessed online via the company's official website (web address has been highlighted below). There is a Get a Quote option on the webpage whereby the concerned person has to put in the zip code to proceed further. Another option to get a quote is to click on the Find a local agent option. You can also call on 1-888-695-4625 if you are having any difficulty. Apart from quotes, the division also looks into reports of claims made by the customers. Furthermore, Travelers Liability provides job openings for persons interested in pursuing a career with the company. For example it offers positions for claims adjuster, customer service representative, accounts manager etc.

Overall, Travelers Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance policies meeting the demands of the people in the US and internationally as well.

For more information, you can have a look at its website.


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