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Unum Insurance Company

Unum Insurance Company offers disability, long term care, life and voluntary insurance products. The company's products and services are backed by its 10,000 employees with an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of its customers. There is Unum Life of America also known as Unum Life Insurance Company of America. The company's profile can be seen on
of-america with its address being:

Unum Life Insurance Company of America
2211 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04122-0003
Ph: (207) 575-2211

The Unum US division is the market leader in both group and individual disability insurance and group long-term care. Its value goes beyond the products it offers. For customer care and complaints, people can call on 866-679-3054. Unum works tirelessly to build meaningful and lasting connections with its customers, their employees and the benefits they count on. Unum provides a full array of benefits solutions including education, enrollment services and cutting edge claim support to meet the needs of both employers and their workers.
Overall, the organization has been known for its breaking new ground in the business of benefits. Integrity, determination, innovation and leadership were at the core of the company 160-years ago and they are as relevant to its business today as ever.

Unum Insurance Company Ratings

Unum Insurance Company Ratings are by AM Best Rating Company. Unum has been given reviews and ratings of BBB+. Unum Provident Life filed shelf registration to provide future flexibility for the organization. In June 2002, Unum Provident issued $400 million in new long-term debt to replace existing commercial paper and maturing medium-term notes. This caused nearly all of the remainder of UnumProvident's previous shelf registration to be utilized. A.M. Best expects the total debt to capital ratio--regardless of any future drawdown--to remain under 30 per cent. Coverage is expected to remain strong. UnumProvident continues to be the recognized leader in the individual and group disability income market. This dominant position provides numerous advantages including claims management, underwriting and actuarial data over other competing companies. Additionally, UnumProvident, unlike some of its competitors, has the ability to market other complimentary products such as group life, long-term care and voluntary products. In each of these product lines, UnumProvident has a significant market presence.

Unum Insurance Company Jobs

Unum Insurance Company Jobs search can be conducted via To browse all available job openings, one must scroll down to the bottom of the page. If a person wants to search for jobs by category, location, job number or keyword; they much specify search criteria and click search for jobs. They can also submit their resumes here. There are job openings time and time again at its offices in Glendale, Portland, Chattanooga, Columbia and Worcester. Overall, Unum is built on its vision statement pointing not only to success in the marketplace but also outlines its responsibility to act with integrity, commitment and accountability in all that it does.

Unum Insurance Company Disability

Unum Insurance Company Disability policy brings relief to its policy holders. The average age of an individual filing a disability claim with Unum is 45-years. The organization's common causes of disability absence include maternity leave, back injury and cancer treatment. It has been highlighted on that benefits from Unum can replace part of the policy holder's income so they can focus on recovery instead of worrying about their ability to pay bills. There are categories of disability namely being short-term, long-term and individual disability.

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