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Wells Fargo Insurance

Wells Fargo is an American Company which handles financials such as banking, loans, investments and insurances. Wells Fargo Insurance, Inc established in Minneapolis, MN, is a licensed insurance agency. The company provides all kinds of insurance coverage with the main ones being:

  • Business
  • Auto & Other Vehicle
  • Identity & Credit Protection
  • Life & Health
  • Home & Property Protection
The services offered by Wells Fargo include quotes online and by phone: 1- 866-294-2571. The history of the organization is that it was formerly named Acordia which was founded by the Associated Group in 1989.It underwent a name change in 2007 now called Wells Fargo Insurance Services. The company's headquarters is in Chicago. The total insurance division of Wells Fargo is made up of: Wells Fargo Insurance Inc , Wells Fargo Insurance Services and Rural Community Insurance both of which are headquartered in Minneapolis.
Overall, Wells Fargo Insurance Inc has been in business since 1929 serving the people. The company's offices can be found in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts etc.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Wells Fargo Insurance Services are provided by a dedicated team of professionals who put their clients and customers first giving them the first priority. The department is committed to meeting the needs, wants and demands of the consumers. They provide the best customer service and is also very much known for it. Wells Fargo Insurance Services provide a whole lot of products to the people and also look into their grievances in regards to the company. The organizationís specialty products and services comprise of:

  • Wells Fargo Special Risks
  • Wells Fargo Insurance Services
  • Wholesale
  • Wells Fargo Global Broker Network
There are services Atlanta, services Charlotte NC, services Seattle and services San Carlos.

Wells Fargo Insurance Careers

Wells Fargo Insurance Careers develops its employees professionally and personally. The company looks after its workers who turn give their best to the company and to the people at large. Wells Fargo is regarded as one of the best insurance companies in USA as well as one of the best working environments. The organization looks into the career growth of its employees providing them with the best opportunities thus looking after their interests both ways. Career opportunities are available in the company's offices in Tampa and Madison NJ. Interested persons can access to see the openings provided by the company. It is open to both MBA holders as well as undergraduates. One of the outstanding features about Wells Fargo is that it offers additional employment opportunities that are both inside US and outside.

Wells Fargo Insurance Center

The Center looks after the interests of its customers guiding them and giving them tips. This can be found on The center explains as to what kind of insurance policy or cover is best suited to the individual or customer. It even gives a home inventory checklist on There is also information available to safeguard homes. For example there is guidance in making homes theft-resistant and responsibilities of dog owners. Alongside this, Wells Fargo also has Planning Centers providing assistance through investing basics.

Those looking for further information about Wells Fargo can check out its official website.


Wells Fargo Insurance
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